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With about 45 000 employees, Eurofins is a global leader in Testing for Life and over the last 20 years has been one of the fastest growing companies in the world, thanks to innovation in technology and service. We now are the global market leader in environmental, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics testing as well as in agro-sciences CRO (Contract Research Organisation) services. We are also among the world’s market leaders in advanced material sciences, genomics, forensics, consumer products  and clinical testing services.

Life at Eurofins is a meritocracy, where people are empowered to make decisions and are rewarded for their success, allowing them to advance quickly. Become your most extraordinary self with support and development throughout your career.

Find out more about Eurofins by downloading our 30th anniversary brochure published in October 2017.


What to expect - We are a very open and transparent company and believe it’s important that those qualities shine through during each stage of the recruitment process, with clear and timely communication at every step. Candidates selected by our talent acquisition team will be invited to attend a First Round Interview, at which, depending on the position, they may be asked to complete some numeracy, logical thinking and business case tests. Successful candidates will then be asked to attend a Second Round Interview to discuss the opportunity with senior level management offering the respective job opening. We welcome applications from talented people from all backgrounds.

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Business Leadership Read More Close

Business Leadership - Positions with full responsibility for P&L, granting you unparalleled autonomy that very few companies offer to manage a company autonomously, deliver excellent results, impress your customers and grow a thriving business for Eurofins.

Testing & Laboratory Read More Close

Testing & Laboratory - Opportunities in our state-of- the-art labs for those with an appetite for frontline science and innovation - testing for a safer and healthier world.

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Business & Customer Support - Our global network of laboratories is underpinned by powerful shared services. From Finance to HR and sales, marketing and customer support, your expertise is the backbone of our operations. Come and help our fast-growing global business continue to expand and excel.

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IT – Our laboratory-based employees work to the highest standards of accuracy in everything they do, and they require the right technology and software to support them every day. This is why Eurofins has expanded its global IT solutions delivery footprint with the establishment of a Global Software Engineering Centre in Dublin.

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Full-Time - Our business is growing quickly and we’re looking for talented and ambitious people to help us meet our goals. Our full-time roles offer exciting opportunities and a wide range of benefits.

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Part-Time - Our business is growing quickly and we’re looking for talented and ambitious people to help us meet our goals. We offer a wide range of flexible work solutions to help you balance work with the other commitments in your life.

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Internships - We’re always looking for the next generation of talent to help us grow our global business. Our internships will inspire you and put you on the fast-track to a dynamic, global career. More Info

Featured Jobs

Food and Feed Testing

Foods you can trust

We are the world’s leading food and feed testing laboratory company, performing more than 400 million assays a year, actively testing for the safety, traceability and purity of the foods you enjoy. Whether the end consumer is cooking at home or dining out, our tests provide reassurance that the foods you are supplied are safe, authentic and correctly labelled.

Agro Testing

Feeding the world

Our scientists in the agro testing business collect the right data, undertake innovative analysis and provide clear insights into soil and crop health, fertilisation, feed value and food safety to help ensure optimal crop production.
From field to research facility, from arable farm to biogas plant, Eurofins is helping to find the answers to feed the world while protecting our environment.

Environment Testing

Protecting planet earth

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we rely on to sustain life – our market-leading tests help a wide range of companies, NGOs and governments ensure the Earth’s scarce resources are sustainably preserved and maintained safely for future generations. We’re number one in the world of environmental testing, helping to make our planet safer every day.

BioPharma Services

Building on biosciences to protect life

As dramatic breakthroughs in biopharmacological research make it possible for humanity to fight life-threatening diseases by utilising the building bricks of life itself – genes, stem cells and more – we are delivering innovative new ways to test the safety and effectiveness of these potentially revolutionary drug candidates. We support our clients through every step of the complex and regulatory-driven pathway to new drug development, from early screening for compound potency and liability in the discovery process through to final clinical testing, BioPharma Product Testing and project management. We are a first-class Contract Research Organization (CRO), working for eight of the ten biggest pharma companies in the world.

Clinical Diagnostics

Redefining diagnosis

Clinical diagnostic tests are a key factor in 60-70% of medical decisions. Our innovative tests help clinicians make the very best decisions to improve outcomes for their patients, be it paving the way for personalised medicines based on the patient’s individual genetic and metabolic profile, reassuring individuals genetically predisposed to certain diseases or supporting women during pregnancy with the most innovative non-invasive prenatal tests.

Agroscience Services

Building confidence in Agroscience

Science is constantly finding new ways to feed more people while conserving our planet’s finite resources. Scientists in our agroscience division undertake field and laboratory studies to determine the safety and efficacy of new agrochemicals and crop varieties to help feed a growing world population while ensuring the safety of workers, consumers and the environment.

Genomic Services

Leading the way on Genomics

DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis, DNA genotyping and gene expression analyses are helping humans make transformative leaps across many fields – from medical diagnosis to food production. We are world leaders and ground breakers in this field, putting our scientists at the cutting edge of scientific breakthroughs.

Forensic Services

Forensics expertise for peace of mind

Our state-of-the-art forensic genetics and toxicology laboratories provide scientific clarity when it’s most needed, whether it’s to settle private paternity disputes or to help the police solve crimes. Our teams of internationally renowned scientists act as expert witnesses in court and work closely with the police, lawyers, industry and private clients.

Consumer Product Testing

Products you can enjoy with confidence

How can product designers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers be sure that products we use every day, such as clothes, toys, appliances, etc., meet the required quality and safety standards? The answer is through rigorous testing, certification and consulting. We provide these services in hundreds of different regulatory regimes worldwide to ensure compliant products for a safer world.

Materials & Engineering

Supporting the super materials revolution

This is an exciting time in the material sciences as advances in science and technology, from synthetic biomaterials to nanotechnology, deliver new “super materials” with the potential to transform our world. Eurofins Materials & Engineering sciences laboratories are at the forefront of this revolution, providing the scientific expertise and analytical techniques to support companies at every phase of the product lifecycle, from R&D to manufacturing.


Developing tomorrow's testing technologies

Through Eurofins Technologies, we have taken our commitment to Testing for Life to the next level. Eurofins Technologies is a fast-growing provider of diagnostic test kits and laboratory consumables to help public and industrial laboratories undertake their own fast, reliable and cost-effective testing for food pathogens, allergens and other toxins.

Cosmetics Testing

Skin care with a difference

The skin is the largest organ in the human body – so it’s vital the soaps, balms and cosmetics we rub into it every day are rigorously tested to ensure they are safe, effective and compliant. Our laboratories work with retailers and cosmetic manufacturers throughout the product life cycle, from the raw materials to the finished product sitting on the bathroom shelf, so that the end consumer can be sure the cosmetics they love have met the highest testing standards.

Are you a visionary leader and entrepreneur or aspiring to be one ?

Where extraordinary minds and entrepreneurial talent meet like-minded high achievers. Where the Eurofins community lets talent flourish. Where extraordinary happens.

We’re proud of our track record of nurturing entrepreneurial talent. Thanks to the exceptional autonomy granted by Eurofins, our extraordinary laboratory leaders in the 800 laboratories around the world have helped achieve extraordinary results by fulfilling their and their teams full potential. In only 30 years we built a global leading network of over 800 large, modern laboratories, thereof 100 state-of-the-art greenfield laboratories, to meet growing customer demand. We now have the experience, resources and know-how to seed and nurture start-ups anywhere in the world. Do you have the appetite and ambition to strike out on your own and make your mark in the world? Are you ready to use your own judgement to find new ways to grow a business, optimize services and delight our customers?

It’s a chance to test yourself against the best in the world – with the support and back-up of those who have done it before. It’s a career like no other – with the rewards to match.

Welcome to the Eurofins Entrepreneur Network: unlock the extraordinary in you.

Life at Eurofins

Eurofins is different. And we think different is good. We don’t do business-as-usual – we’re always striving for better. Our people are different too. If you're passionate about your work, focused on results and inspired that your contribution will help make our world a safer place, then you have found your tribe.

Find out more about life at Eurofins

Life at Eurofins

Our careers philosophy

Life here is different. We don’t tie anyone to a tightly-structured career path; instead, we create an environment where you can make your own decisions and take on more responsibility as you prove yourself so you can develop naturally and advance quickly. We encourage independent thinkers who challenge the status quo and never accept the market’s or the company’s “usual way of doing things” if they can find smarter ways of delivering excellent results every day. But independent doesn’t mean doing it alone: across all our countries we pull together as a team because we understand we’re stronger and smarter together. Above all, we are a meritocracy, promoting people based on talent and results to create an international career like no other.

Life at Eurofins

Learning and development

We want you to set high standards for yourself and be continuously challenged and stimulated by your work. We encourage “learning by doing” as we believe that’s the most natural and effective way to acquire new skills and knowledge. By drawing on the talents and experiences of our leaders, you will learn from the best, allowing you to advance rapidly and excel in your chosen field. The Eurofins Academy, our e-learning platform, pulls together the collective wisdom of Eurofins and allows you to curate your own curriculum to meet all your professional and personal goals. Learning and developing every day, it's a chance to fulfil your potential and be your most extraordinary self.

Life at Eurofins

Talent Programme

Our talent programme is unique, designed to challenge yourself and help you fulfill your ambitions. Pulling together the latest business thinking from academics at leading business schools with the company-specific insight of our top leaders, this is a two-year management training program like no other. If you're hungry for exposure to real business cases and the opportunity to network with high potential talent from across the Group, then our talent programme is for you, putting you on the fast-track to running your own business unit within Eurofins.

Life at Eurofins

Students and Graduates

With big decisions, come big opportunities, and starting a career after university is just that. Eurofins is looking to inspire, challenge and hire the brightest young talent around the globe.

We’re a leading science company, but we don’t just look for scientists. To maintain our world-class results and continue to improve the health and safety of our planet, we’re looking for students and graduates from diverse disciplines, from science and engineering, to finance, IT, HR and communication, for paid placements and full-time roles.

Excellent academic results are important but we also want candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion to learn and a constant desire to improve.

Kick start an international career working on meaningful projects with exposure to our leadership teams!


“To me, working in Eurofins means opportunities. These range from advising and influencing on development processes, to product design, mentoring, coaching and travel. I wear many hats and enjoy the challenges associated with driving change in a large organisation. I’m also very proud to be part of a company which develops tests that benefit planet Earth and humankind.”

NEIL WILLIAMS SEO Solution Architect, Eurofins Group, Ireland

"As advice to a potential ‘Young Leader’ at Eurofins I’d say you have to be ambitious, and willing to work hard, but if you are willing to work hard your results will be rewarded."

JAVIER SANCHEZ SAURA Investor Relations Associate, Eurofins Group, Belgium


"Someone who wants to grow their career quickly, wants to be given great opportunities and isn’t afraid of taking risks should definitely apply to Eurofins."

SARAH THEVENET Regional Director Australia New Zealand, Eurofins Group, Australia

Science that makes an impact

A selection of our most striking innovations

Science never stops and neither do we. Since its foundation in 1987, Eurofins has contributed significantly to the advancement of science and Testing for Life.

Specialists in Eurofins laboratories around the world have made discoveries in a myriad of sectors ranging from food to pharma and forensics to dioxins testing. Some of our analyses are complex and require years of painstaking research and ongoing improvements. In other areas we have responded overnight to global health crises.

Wherever we are and however long it takes, our work helps to make life safer!

Download our scientific innovation booklet

Clarity and confidence for the food chain

Food safety crises, from “mad cow disease” to the European horsemeat scandal, have rocked the food industry, and consumers rightly demand safer food products and reliable information about sources and production processes. In a world first, Eurofins TAG (Genotyping And Traceability System) technology used genetic fingerprints to identify individual cattle in the food industry and to match each animal part sold to the customer to one genetic profile of an animal tested before against BSE. A further Eurofins development, Animal ID DNA Chips, uses mitochondrial DNA targets to enable the precise simultaneous identification of 21 specific animal species in food products, including pig, chicken, rabbit, cat, sheep, goat and dog, as well as horse, in a single test.

Protecting transplant patients and saving lives

Surgeons worldwide perform more than 100,000 solid organ transplants annually, successfully transplanting hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys and saving and changing thousands of patients’ lives. However, the risks of infection and organ rejection mean the fight for recovery starts immediately; even adverse reactions to anti-rejection medication can hamper patient recovery. Eurofins Viracor’s ground-breaking immune cell function work and its ImmuKnow® assay are helping doctors evaluate patients’ existing immunity levels, to optimise treatment and to improve survival rates in solid organ transplant patients.

Breakthrough science for supporting bee health

The honey bee is the world’s most important, and most threatened, pollinator and its decline is a cause for huge global concern. Eurofins Agroscience Services has deployed an innovative new way to investigate the sub-lethal impacts of pesticides on the homing behaviour of bees. Using tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders attached to each bee’s thorax, our scientists can scan bee behaviour at the hive entrance, delivering data critical to understanding the impacts of different doses of insecticide on bee health.

Building rich databases before Big Data

As a world leader in analytical services, performing and processing over 400 million tests across the world every year, data is at the heart of everything Eurofins does. Many of these tests depend on Eurofins’ extensive proprietary databanks, the culmination of data gathered over three decades of providing excellence in testing.

These unique databases are not only responsible for comparing test results, but often house the very information which makes it possible to uncover results that deliver solutions to help make the planet a safer, better place to live – from proprietary databanks identifying the ‘fingerprints’ of food, optimising the selection of biopharmaceutical drug candidates and revolutionising the availability and speed at which infrared analysis data is processed.